112 Ways to Make Extra Money Without Taking Surveys

Ways to Make Extra Money Offline

If you prefer working offline, here are 40 ways to make extra money offline. But, it is 2018, so you will often need to promote your services online.

1. House sit in your local area.
Make extra money by house sitting for people in your local area. If your main job is online, you can also consider house sitting across the country instead of paying rent.

2. Turn your car into a billboard.
Earn money by placing advertising on your car.

3. Mow lawns or offer gardening services.
Pick up some short-term local work mowing lawns or gardening. If you enjoy it, you can grow it into a small business.

4. Shovel snow.
While other people are dreading snowstorms, you’ll be counting the cash. Start with a shovel and reinvest a part of your earnings into a snowblower or snow plow.

5. Clean houses.
This is a great side hustle that can grow into the kind of business where other people do the work for you.

6. Babysit children.
Responsible, caring babysitters are always in demand. If you enjoy it, you might consider growing your services into a full daycare center someday.

7. Pet sit for dogs and cats.
Pet sitting is a great way to make extra money or travel the world on a budget.

8. Train dogs on the evenings and weekends.
Every home that welcomes a new dog can benefit from training. Good dog trainers can have a lasting impact on the relationship between beloved family member and pet for many years. Consider in-home pet training at a premium price.

9. Walk dogs and enjoy the exercise.
If you love dogs, then dog walking is a great side hustle. This is a great choice if you sit at a computer all day or want to drop a couple pounds because you basically get paid to exercise.

10. Help people move.
Help people move from home to home, or deliver furniture. People who purchase furniture on Craigslist often need a delivery person to get their items home.

11. Assemble furniture for other people.
Pick up quick side work assembling furniture. Visit TaskRabbit.com for jobs posted in your area. Or, list your services on Craigslist.

12. Do office “temp” work through an agency.
Use your vacation days to do temporary work like receptionist, customer service agent, or office assistant. Skilled work like programming and app development are also in high demand at temp agencies.

13. Repair or restore cars.
Offer discounted auto body repair or restoration services. Develop a good reputation, and you can build your way up to premium rates.

14. Perform mobile oil changes.
Offer at-home oil change services after hours and on the weekends – at a premium rate.

15. Work as a mobile mechanic.
If you know how to fix cars, offer mobile car repairs at a premium rate. To really pump up your earnings, offer on-call emergency services during the hours you’re not at your “day” job.

16. Do mobile car washing and detailing.
Offer personal hand-wash and/or detailing at people’s homes. They’re willing to pay to avoid sitting in line at the car wash or having to drop off and pick up for services.

17. Paint houses or interiors.
House painting isn’t limited to the outside of homes. For smaller, more frequent work, try offering a service that paints one room or even a wall. Everyone needs their walls maintained with great color!

18. Wash Windows.
Commercial or residential window washing is a great way to make extra money without high start-up costs or lengthy training.

19. Repair bicycles.
Offer in-home or mobile bicycle repair services. This is also a great chance to branch out into a business if you like bicycles. Consider renting, restoring, or reselling bicycles as along the way.

20. Work as a handyman doing home repairs.
Are you handy around the house? List your services at Craiglist, TaskRabbit, Nextdoor, or Facebook.

21. Offer senior services.
Help out senior citizens in your area by running errands, shopping, preparing meals, washing dishes, and doing odd jobs around the house.

22. Clean boats.
If you’re marine-inclined, consider offering boat cleanings or maintenance services in your spare time.

23. Become a caregiver.
Pick up a local part-time job as a caregiver. Spend your weekends helping busy moms, people with special needs, and senior citizens.

24. Train people to use computers or special software.
If you have any computer skills or special training, offer in-home computer lessons to people who want to learn.

25. Provide graffiti removal and restoration services.

Remove graffiti or restore property that’s been damaged. Look for part-time work with a company that offers graffiti removal, or start your own service.

26. Offer mobile laundry services.
Clean and fold people’s clothes. Busy professionals who are single almost always need help with laundry. Try targeting above-average rental communities, where you’ll find plenty of customers.

27. Use your truck to remove junk.

Haul old electronics and furniture out of people’s homes and deliver them to the proper disposal facilities.

28. Become a notary republic.

A notary republic gets paid to witness the signing of legal documents. Requirements vary from state to state, but if you have no criminal record this may be an great source of part-time income for you.

29. Get people married.

Become an ordained minister online, so you can officiate local weddings.

30. Clean pools during the summertime.

Offer pool cleaning services during the summer season. Control your schedule by working only with a handful of clients.

31. Offer litter removal services.

While it’s not a glamorous job, picking up trash in business parking lots can be a lucrative part-time income.

32. Drive for a car ride service like Lyft.

If you have a good car, are a social person, and can navigate your way around with GPS, this may be a good fit. Set your own hours and work as little or as much as you like.

33. Deliver restaurant food.
Services like GrubHub and Lyft all offer restaurant delivery services. If you have a car, this can be a good way to make part-time money.

34. Rent out your spare room.

Do you have a nice guest room that doesn’t’ get enough use? Rent out your spare room to travelers.

35. Rent out your car.

Make money by renting out your car on the days it’s not in use. Peer to peer car-sharing services like Turo can help you find customers quickly.

36. Work as a bicycle messenger.

Pick up some part-time work as a bike messenger and get your exercise in while you work.

37. Shop for and deliver other people’s groceries.

Offer to do grocery shopping for a fee or signup to shop for a company like Shipt or Instacart.

38. Distribute flyers.

Find a local flyer distribution service and get paid to deliver flyers in your spare time.

39. Work in a retail store during the holidays.
If you’re a patient and social person, pick up some part-time shifts as a retail clerk during the holiday season. You’ll help people find the perfect gift and earn yourself some nice income and fat discounts along the way.

40. Tutor young students.
What’s your strongest subject? Math? English? History? Offer your services as a private tutor through schools and Craigslist.

Bonus! Rent out your extra space.

Have an extra parking space in a big city? Or have more room in your garage? You can make money by letting others rent your unused spaces.

Make Money Online Without a Degree or Certification

Work online from the convenience of your home. These are great ways to earn extra money online if you’re working around a demanding full-time job. Many of them can even be developed into full-time businesses.

41. Help high school students with SAT Prep.
Help high school students study for their SAT tests.

42. Write product descriptions.
Got a knack for writing? Start simple by writing product descriptions for businesses that sell online. If you like it, you can get some training along the way and grow into better-paying jobs.

43. Proofread articles and essays.
Proofread articles, college admission essays, or online content. Formal proofreading jobs often require a degree, but full-time writers are always looking for personal proofreaders who are good at what they do.

44. Copyedit for professional writers.
This profession often requires a degree or experience, but if you’re a native English writer, you can break into this field without a degree. Offer copyediting services to non-native speakers, to help their writing appear as if it’s been written by a native English speaker.

45. Work as a virtual customer service rep.
Answer phones, direct calls, and help customers by working as a virtual customer service specialist in your spare time.

46. Do phone or chat support for an online company.
Find part-time work as a phone or chat support specialist, where you can answer questions about products and services.

47. Work as a technical support specialist.
Do you have a knack for figuring things out? Consider taking a part-time job as a technical support specialist.

48. Get paid to test websites.
Companies pay to have regular people browse websites and give their opinions about the design and content. Consider testing websites from your home as a part-time side hustle.

49. Make logos for brands.
Skip the heavy requirements and get creative immediately by selling your logo-design services. Get started with logo design software that helps you create products quickly. Be sure your software licenses you to resell your designs.

50. Work as an online researcher.
Research is a great place to start working online. Sites like UpWork offer entry-level research work for a variety of companies. A typical research project might include visiting websites yo find contact information for sales departments.

51. Edit videos.
If you enjoy editing videos, this is a fun and profitable way to earn extra money. It’s also a great way to see if you might like to open your own video editing company someday.

52. Pick up small programming projects.
If you’ve been programming for fun, maybe it’s time to start making some extra money with your skills. You can contact companies directly or search online freelance forums to find part-time programming projects.

53. Become a micro-influencer.
Have you built an online following of 1000 people or more on any social media platform? Get paid to promote brands and products as a micro-influencer.

Ways to Make Money With Your Hidden Talents

Develop your secret talents or passions while earning money at the same time. It might take a little while to sharpen your skills or learn new ones, but you’ll make a higher rate of pay in the long run.

54. Voiceover Artist
Do people often tell you that you have a nice voice, or are you good at doing impressions? Consider selling your services as a voiceover artist through Fiverr or another agency.

55. Makeup Artist
Do you love the cosmetics industry and often find yourself helping friends with makeup tips? Consider adding a bit of formal training so you can work as a makeup artist.

56. First-year Music Teacher
If you’re good with kids and have a little music background, consider teaching first-year music. You can give kids a strong and fun first-year foundation, and then refer them to a more experienced teacher after the first year.

57. Dance Instructor
If you took years of dance instruction as a kid, don’t let it go to waste. Consider teaching dance to create a nice side income for yourself.

58. English as a 2nd Language Instructor
You don’t need to know a 2nd language in order to teach English as a second language. A little research and some preparation will help you find your way to part-time jobs that don’t require a degree or certification.

59. Translator
If you can speak more than one language, you’ve got a valuable skill! Learn how to become a paid translator.

60. Personal Fitness Coach
Become a fitness coach and help people improve their health and happiness.

61. Custom Tailor
If you find yourself using a sewing machine to make adjustments to your or your family’s clothes, consider taking it a step further. Make premium part-time income by offering custom tailoring services.

62. Social Media Management
If you enjoy social media and love communicating, social media writing can be a lucrative career. Find out what’s involved in social media management by visiting Post Planner.

63. Social Media Marketing
Help businesses build and engage audiences on social media platforms.

64. Google AdWords Specialist
If you’re good with math and analytics, you might like picking up some Google AdWords freelance work. You can get free AdWords training and become certified online at Google Academy.

65. Facebook Ads Manager
If you have a flair for both writing and math, consider becoming a Facebook ads manager. You’ll incorporate your writing and analytic skills to help businesses place successful Facebook ads. Training and certification for Facebook ads is available at Facebook Blueprint.

66. Copywriter
If you love sales and enjoy the art of language, consider commercial copywriting as a source of part or full-time income. As a copywriter, you’ll write things like landing pages, emails, and sales copy. Try Len Smith’s “Copywriting Secrets” course at Udemy to get an idea of what copywriters do.

67. Content Writer
Content writers compile research to write articles, reports, whitepapers, and other types of online content. It’s a tough field to break into, but if you’re a good writer, it can be a lucrative and rewarding way to earn part or full-time income.

68. Script Writer
Learn how to write commercial scripts for video, radio, and television.

69. Speech Writer
Hone your speech writing skills, and you can make serious extra income writing speeches for politicians and business people.

70. WordPress Site Builder
Do you find yourself enjoying the process of WordPress site building more than marketing, writing, or sales? New businesses need people who can build websites with WordPress. This can be lucrative part or full-time freelance work.

71. WordPress Site Maintenance Specialist
Do you like working with WordPress? Consider part time work as a WordPress site maintenance professional. You’ll update, optimize, backup, protect, and moderate comments. SEO maintenance and security is also part of the job.

If you need to round out some of your WordPress skills, stop by Treehouse Academy. They offer excellent WordPress tracks for a reasonable monthly subscription fee.

72. Transcription Expert
Are you a quick typist? Make extra money transcribing video and audio into written text.

73. Commercial Videos Producer
If you like working with videos, consider producing whiteboard explainer videos for online businesses.

74. Graphic Designer
Artists or people with a good eye for visual design can pick up quick extra cash as graphic designers. Learn how to use graphic design software and make the most of your talents.

75. Become a wedding photographer.
If you have a talent for taking photos and a love for making memories, wedding photography might be a nice way to earn extra money.

It may take a few months to build your reputation, but startup costs are low and there are plenty of free online resources to help you start your own wedding photography business.

Ideas for Opening a Low Startup-Cost Business

Many of the extra-income opportunities we’ve listed so far can be turned into full-time businesses if you want to pursue them. Here are a few more ideas for businesses that can be started on a budget in your spare time:

76. Start an apartment locators business.
Earn nice commissions by matching clients to apartment homes.

77. Create an Etsy shop.
Do you have a knack for creating handmade gifts or decor? Consider opening an online shop at Etsy, where you can earn nice profits from your hobby.

78. Draw pet portraits.
Do you have a talent for drawing? Draw pet portraits in your spare time for some nice extra income.

79. Start an online store that sells drop-shipped items.
Create a dropshipping business and earn passive income in your spare time. If you enjoy business marketing and sales, this is a great outlet for turning your skills into profits.

80. Become a blogger or vlogger.
Are you a great communicator? Are you the person that people turn to for expert advice on a specific topic? Or, do you have a special interest that you’ve developed over the years?

You don’t need any experience to become a blogger or vlogger, but these traits give you an edge on the competition. Build an audience and you can earn income through affiliate marketing, advertising, and product sales.

81. Create passive income through affiliate marketing.
Become an affiliate marketer and earn an income while you sleep. Natural salespeople will enjoy this commission-based selling model.

82. Resell auto parts online or in-person.
Knowledge of auto parts and car maintenance is a profitable asset that opens up a number of ways to earn extra income. Consider buying and selling auto parts online at Amazon or eBay, or in-person to earn extra income.

83. Become an Amazon or eBay reseller.
Are you great at finding deals? Love to shop? Consider reselling items through Amazon or eBay to pick up some part-time income.

84. Sell used electronics.
Electronics geeks can make the most of their hobby by buying and selling used electronics. For example, buying and selling used phones on Craigslist or eBay can be a profitable part-time activity.

85. Refurbish used electronics.
If you’ve got a knack for fixing electronics, consider refurbishing non-working devices and reselling them through your own store, Amazon, or Craigslist.

86. Shop for gifts.
Gift-shopping services are a great way to pick up extra cash, especially during the holidays.

87. Fix phone screens and offer same-day mobile service.
People are constantly dropping their phones. If you’re able to replace their screens quickly, you can make some nice extra cash – and probably collect a few friends along the way!

88. Offer local tour guide services.
Love showing people around your city? Become a tour guide and turn your love for your city into a profitable business that earns extra money.

89. Create an online stock photography business.
Sell your beautiful photos by creating your own online stock photography business.

90. Coach a sports team.
Were you an avid sports player in high school or college? Consider coaching sports teams on the weekends or after work on the weekdays.

91. Open a custom t-shirt shop.
T-shirts never go out of style. If you’re good at creating unique sayings that make people laugh, a custom t-shirt shop can be a fast way to make extra money.

92. Repair people’s appliances.
Do you like to fix appliances yourself instead of calling a repair person? Start your own repair business to earn extra income. If you need help polishing your skills or generating leads, there are websites that can help you get appliance repair customers.

93. Clean carpets.
If that tiny spot on the carpet drives you crazy and if you crave physical work, consider cleaning carpets to earn a few extra dollars.

94. Install flooring.
Are you skilled at installing carpet and tile? People with this skill can make great extra income by earning both a materials commission plus labor fee for floor installation.

95. Pressure-washing concrete.
Pressure-washing is a business that requires an initial investment and some paperwork to get started. But, it gets you outside and away from a desk to earn decent part or full-time income.

96. Offer meal services to busy professionals.
Cook in your home and deliver to theirs. Target busy professionals who will pay high prices for healthy home-cooked meals delivered to their door.

97. Organize people’s closets and cupboards.
Are your closets and cupboards so well-organized that your friends are jealous? Consider starting a home-organization business to earn money in your spare time.

98. Plan parties and events.
People who have a love for events and a talent for planning can earn extra income by starting an event-planning business. You’ll give up many of your nights and weekends, but in exchange, you get to help other people create memories that mark some of the most important cornerstones of their lives.

99. Offer interior design consultations.
Do your friends turn to you for advice on how to turn a bland-looking room into something that’s warm and welcoming? If you have a talent for interior design, consider offering interior design consultations to earn extra income.

100. Conduct genealogy research.
If you loved assembling your own family tree, put your investigative skills and passion to good use. Help people uncover their family trees with genealogy research.

Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money Making Stuff

Like to create things? Choose products that are always in demand and can be sold for more than the materials and time cost it takes you to create them. The key to profiting from handmade items is learning how to brand and market your products. Whether you open an online store or sell your products locally, you’ll gain valuable marketing and branding experience that can be applied to future businesses. Here are some suggestions for products you can make and sell:

101. Handmade scarves
Beautiful handmade scarfs sell between $40 – $99 apiece online. This may be one of the quickest, most profitable ways to earn an income for people with an artistic flair and knack for working with materials.

102. Hand-Knitted sweaters
Hand-knitted sweaters are a hot sales item for people in the midwest and on the east coast. A typical hand-knit sweater sells for $100 – $300 or more.

103. Wall art
You don’t have to be an artist to create stunning wall art that can be sold in-person or online. For wall art ideas you can make and resell on your own, visit Brit & Co.

104. Specialty soaps and candles
Choose a specialty like scented, unscented, or organic soaps and candles to profit from creating an reselling your own products.

105. Gourmet sugar scrubs
Gourmet sugar scrubs sell for $20 – $25 at flea markets and in high-end spas. Even if you use the best of ingredients, gourmet sugar scrubs cost under $5 and take less than five minutes to create.

106. Jewelry
Beaded jewelry and traditional jewelry can be learned by taking a class at a local bead store or community college. Or, learn how to make jewelry by watching YouTube videos.

107. Refurbished wood furniture
Buy used wood furniture at thrift stores and repaint it in a trending style like Pier 1 Imports or Pottery Barn.

108. Home-made organic meals
Start your own subscription service or offer mobile local delivery that sells homemade genuine organic meals.

109. Baked goods
Whip up your best muffins or dessert and find local convenience stores, coffee shops, and restaurants who will sell them on consignment.

110. Seasonal decor
Sell Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s outdoor decor. Or, create handmade sentimental items like stockings or personalized gifts.

111. Gift wrapping (Christmas)
Get paid to wrap gifts in your local area. Travel to people’s homes or offer pick-up and delivery services. Or, rent a kiosk in your local mall and wrap gifts for people as they’re shopping.

112. 3D Printed products
There’s a bit of investment required to buy a 3D printer and materials. It may cost about $3500 to get started, but the income possibilities are endless and worth considering.

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